Our Mission is to Provide an Outstanding Customer Experience

We specialize in business and digital transformations. Our approach is to take a customer centric and holistic view on change and make it happen iteratively.

Services for different phases of a transformation

Depending on the customer needs we can offer services throughout the transformation or during specific phases

Analyses and vision

  • Current state evaluation (including business models, people, capabilities, processes, data flows, metrics and business architecture)
  • Target state definition and vision including metrics and KPIs for the end state

Scenarios and roadmap

  • Development scenarios with impact analysis and business cases calculations
  • Planning of a feasible, iterative transformation roadmap and related phasing taking into account change readiness and ROI

Operating models and processes

  • Target state business and operating model designs
  • Development of the capabilities, organizational structures and business processes

About us

At Johdon konsultointi S. Inkilä Oy we specialize in business and digital transformation initiatives. Our take on development is comprehensive, systematic and iterative. Our goal is to achieve concrete and lasting results in co-operation with our customers, while at the same time being a catalyst of growth for our customer's own organization’s skills and capabilities. Our aim is to make ourselves redundant by the time our assignment is completed.


In the current fast paced, volatile business environment our customers' circumstances and plans change quickly. Therefore, we aim to offer flexible services that respond to the customer’s changing needs. Our competitive advantages are based on our team's wide skill set, which enables comprehensive analysis of the situation, and planning and support for and support for the execution of the change. Our experienced team delivering the work offers our customers superior value. We can deliver the assignment in the language selected by the customer (Finnish, English, or a combination) and using any applicable methodology (pre-existing, tailored or customer proprietary).

Depending on the needs of the customer organization, we offer our services either as an interim director service, where our senior experts join the customer organization for a predefined time period, or as consulting services, where we provide the needed support to the customers through tailored assignments.